Giordano Design has shipped and built a TV studio set design over 5000 miles away

What makes the Giordano team unique, is that we have worked in over 10 countries building sets world-wide. We’ve handled all the logistics, shipping of the sets to even the remote destination.  Worked in extreme heat and the freezing cold. Yet our team have proved time and time again. That being flexible, open minded with a sense of adventure wins the day. SHIPPING OF SETS

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Set dressing at it’s best.

set dressing 2

Window Set Design, Set Build and Set Dressing

Event Design

Event Set Design

When all is considered it’s a great way for your set to really be vibrant to impress your clients. With strong clean lines, set dressing, colour and set lighting. This fashion event set design says it all. The mannequins are designed with floral heads with flowers thrown at the mannequins feet. You will really stop in your tracks at this event. This is a pretty fantastic way of doing it!!.

You can also see from the other shot the ornate set background we designed and built. Looks stunning we must say. We can source all your props and make bespoke props in our workshop. So if you really do have a quirky set idea for TV, Film, Events or your Fashion Photo Shoot. Then please give us a call. We’d love to work with your vision and create something quite spectacular!!.

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What makes this TV studio vibrant is the use of colour. Something we are pretty good at. Get in touch with us to see how we can help you to create your next TV set design in 2016. TV studio

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